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Here for You When You Need Us!

Nwokoye Law firm is a multi-discipline law firm located in beautiful Arlington, Texas, serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro areas and the surrounding counties of North Texas. Nwokoye Law firm is dedicated to serve our clients in the areas of Texas Family Law, Immigration Law and Civil Law Matters, Business Transactions, Probate and Real Estate. Violet Nwokoye has many years of legal experience. We have done hundreds of Family Law cases, involving child custody, visitation, child support, divorce, spousal support, property division, validity of marriage. We are dedicated to trying to do everything possible to reduce the stress and anxiety in Family Law cases. 

An experienced attorney, like Violet Nwokoye, will give you quality advice on how the particular law apply to your case. She can make a huge positive difference in the outcome of your legal situation. Call Nwokoye Law at (817) 962-0773 for your telephone or in-office consultation at your convenience. You can also text the office at (817) 631-3253. My firm is here to serve you in your legal needs in Business Transactional Law, Family law case, Immigration matter or Civil Litigation including premarital and post-marital agreements, and Domestic Violence. We work in all counties in North Texas and I have a reputation to resolve cases in a reasonable way that keeps your interest’s central in the case. We c
are for
our clients and potential clients by promptly responding to their calls, emails, and texts. If you are stressed out from your legal situation, you will want to talk promptly to an actual experienced attorney and get a prompt legal advice. If you call us, you will reach Attorney Violet Nwokoye or a trained member of her staff to immediately address your case. Violet Nwokoye usually return calls, emails, and texts within a few hours. 








A Law Firm That Cares

Nwokoye Law Firm takes great pride in knowing that we have given each client the type of personal attention, dedication, and commitment he or she deserves. Whether we are out there fighting for our client's Immigration rights or their due compensation or just helping someone navigate the personal struggles that forced them into seeking a family lawyer or personal injury attorney in the first place, we want our clients to know that we value them, their time, and will share in their struggle every step of the way.

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